This is about the restoration of an AMI Continental 2.
The jukebox was broken when I got it.
The amplifier didn't make any sound and the mechanism did not move. A relais started rattling whenever the box was powered. The coin acceptor unit was missing and the credit unit severely damaged. The wood of the box was partly damaged by water. And the speakers as well.

But not everything was bad. The lights light up at the first try. And all components (besides the coin acceptor unit) have been there.

All in all the situation wasen't hopeless...
AMI Continental 2 Restoration
Last Update: 05.09.2019 
The AMI Continental 2 before the restoration.
Time for a more detailed survey.
OK let's start with the renovation...
Some of the used varnish
A few of the graphics I've created.
The final assembly.