Candlestick Phone
An older project. Unfortunately I've not many pictures taken.
This is about the restoration of an GPO No.150 Candlestick Phone from
GPO (General Post Office / British Post Office).

The phone was made by "Standard Telephones & Cables Ltd - North Woolwich, London" in the Year 1923.
It was in a quite bad shape. Not working, rusty and the original Bellset No.1 was missing too.
It looks much better on this pictures than it actually was in reality...
The wiring was mostly broken and the mechanical parts often immovable.
Therefore a set of new cables was necessary and the complete dismantling of the phone to clean every single part very thoroughly.
A picture of the original Bellset No1 and a almost original plan for it and for the phone .
A ugly and defective FeAp61 phone. The schematic for it (the right one... at least). And a nice box from Ebay.
How to build an replacement Bellset from the things I have...
The TA Sinus STA is used to connect the old pulse dial system of the Candlestick phone with a modern wireless tone dial phone system.
New varnish, new cables, new dial system. Finished.
The for testing "individualized" wiring in the remainings of the defective FeAp61.
And the polished bells from the FeAp61 in its new home.
Last Update: 20.04.2018