This board is supposed to be connected to a Commodore 64 to enhance the functionality of joysticks and paddles. The board combines many different joystick related functions under one hood.
Joy-Control 64
The features:
The Joy-Control 64 board rev. 1.1 (May 2017)
Switching joysticks and paddles between port 1 and 2
Support of 1, 2 and 3-Button joysticks.
Support of SEGA Megadrive 3-Button Controller
Enhanced Keyman64 functionality for SEGA Megadrive 6-Button Controller
Automatic distinction between SEGA 3- and 6-Button Controller.
The rapid fire function is adjustable for each (up to four) of the paddle fire-buttons individually (9 steps from 500ms to 50ms).
Adjustable rapid fire functions while playing.
The rapid fire frequency is adjustable for each of of the three fire-buttons individually (9 steps from 500ms to 50ms).
Each fire-button is freely programmable with each joystick function. (e.g. joystick-UP to fire-button 2)
LEDs and digit display dots indicates the current fire frequency.
All functions are usable at the same time.
The programed functions are working in combination with the rapid fire functions.
Different modes choosable for port 1 and port 2  (Joystick, Paddle, Sega Megadrive Controller).
All settings are automatically stored in the on-board flash memory. The memory survives "Reset" and "Power-Off".
User interface to display the current settings (Digit display and LEDs).
"Reset" restores the default settings.
"Recall" restores the settings in use before "Reset" or "Power-Off".
"Stand-Alone" Mode. Using a external 5V battery or power supply (switchable including indicator LED).
Automatic detection whether is "Stand-Alone" or "Plugged-In" mode active.
Choosable Joystick, Paddle and SEGA Test-Modes.

To check the usual joystick and paddle functions and also to check for high contact resistance and short needle pulses.
Models for a 3D printed housing.
"Joy-Control 64" Logo.
Keyman64 support (optional).
Technical details:
A short introduction video to show the main functions
Testing of the optional Keyman64 support.
For more informations about the Keyman64 click the picture.
Joy-Control 64 and the 3D printed housing
Maximum power consumption: 110mA at 5V.
Maximum latency at Paddle Mode: 0,001 seconds (1ms).
Maximum latency at Joystick Mode: 0,0004 seconds (0,4ms).
Maximum latency at SEGA Mode: 0,0003 seconds (0,3ms).
Programming and testing
An improvised adapter to program and test the ATMEGA2560 before they are soldered to the board.
Test Setup:   C64 Reloaded, Turbo Chameleon 64, SD2IEC, Keyman64 and Joy-Control 64
Last Update: 05.04.2022
This page shows the  Joy-Control 64  board.
A short introduction video to show the main functions
Build up, software update, tests...
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Joy-Control 64 Schematics v1.2
How to build the hardware
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