Turbo Chameleon 64
by icomp.de
The complete housing for the Docking-Station v2 (as for the v1) is made of two parts. The body (yellow in the pictures) and the cover (blue). Whatever, the cover is only necessary if you want to seal the cable passage.
Both parts must be ordered separately. You can of course choose which color you want, for each part.
There are two different covers designs available (at the moment).
One labeled with "Connectors" and the other with "Commodore".

The Docking-Station v2 has required a complete redesign of the housing for the Docking-Station v1.
Therefore the new housing is not compatible with the old Station.

However the cover for the Station is still the same and will fit in both housings.
Picture Gallery v2.0
Docking-Station v2 Case for 3D-Printing
Last Update: 16.10.2019 
OK, I thought it would be easy to modify the case for Docking-Station v1 to match the Docking-Station v2.
But to due the complete different design of the v2, I eventually ended up building a 3D mock-up of the v2 Docking-Station. After that I started to redesign the housing from the scratch.
A short demonstration how to mount the housing.