A little project to create a case for the Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2 and v2.1.

The Pololu programmer is my favorit AVR programmer. He is easy to install as he don't use the often problematic Windows libusb driver. He is very versatile in his usage comes with an easy to use software to
configure the programmer.
He works with the myAVR-ProgTool and all other programming software I know of.

The only downside is that he didn't have a proper case. If one plugs in the programmer maybe dozens of times during a project it's easily possible to accidentally rip parts from the board.

Therefore I thought it might be a good idear to build a proper 3D-printed housing for the programmer.
The model (v1.1) of the housing for the 3D-print.
The Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2
Last Update: 12.10.2019 
USB AVR Programmer Case
by Pololu
The board versions 2.0 and 2.1 side by side. No big difference.
And how it looks in reality...
The case (v1.1) can be bought as SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) quality print at
These pictures show version v1.0. The current version is v1.1 as the in the pictures below and the renderings above.
Sometimes (on board version 2.1) the pins of the flat pin header must be shortened a little bit (about 0.5mm).
A few pictures of the current version v1.1