SX-64 - TFT Display Mod
This page shows a TFT-Controller Board  for the Commodore SX-64 and further on how I modified my SX-64 for better picture and sound quality.

This board is a replacement for the original  SX-64 display controller board. The board became necessary during the rebuild of a SX-64 with a modern TFT-Display.

The SX-64 mod was initialized on the German Retro-Computer Board
When one member (AREA51HD) began to tinker around with a TFT-Display.

The board also contains an Extended Reset Circuit and an option to switch between
two Kernals and two Drive IDs.
Picture Gallery
The TFT-Controller Board
Schematics and assembly plan
Display controller first test run.
Proof of the ability to control all functions of the display.
Display controller "all options" test run:
Switching between two Kernals (SX-64 and JiffyDOS).
Switching between two drive numbers (8 and 9).
Test of the Reset functions.
Test of the volume control.
Test of the display control functions.
The Firmware of the Display-Set ( JD567M03 / AT056TN52 ) must be patched to activate the
S-Video input.
In order to do this is it necessary to reprogram the MX25L4006E chip on the display PCB with the attached firmware.

However even with the regular Composite Video input of the TFT-Display-Set is the picture quality much better than the original CRT-Display of the SX-64.
TFT and amplifier power consumption test.
Measurement of the power consumption of a replacement amplifier and the TFT Display.
The power consumption stays always way below 0.5 amps.
The original CRT display with the build in amplifier and speaker consumes up to 1.1 amps.
Speaker and Amplifier test run.
The final speaker, pre-amplifier and amplifier combination.
Last Update: 28.07.2019